Sacramento Adult Soccer League

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League Documents
Note: For completing the CSAN forms, the League # is 22;  Current League is the Sacramento Adult Soccer LeagueLinks
 CSAN-Team Annual Mandatory Form

$100 Returning Teams
$125 New Teams
 CSAN-Player Registration Form
 CSAN-Player Transfer Form
 CSAN-Player Release Form
No Fee if done on-line with the CSAN Affinity Portal
$10 Fee if using the Player Release Form sent to CSAN
 CSAN-Team Name Change
 CSAN-Assumption and Acknowledgment of Risks and Release of Liability Agreement Form

 CSAN-Player Liability Release Form

 SASL-League By-Laws
 SASL-Referee Assessment Form

The purpose of this form is to assist the referees and the league.   Please be as objective as possible and file this form after  games you  find warrant highlighting and even be complimentary if appropriate.
 SASL-Referee 24hr Send Off Report


 SASL-Game Card Stickers

 SASL-Regulation Soccer Field Diagram

 SASL-Guide to Running an Adult Soccer Team

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